Freedom with a Twist of the Wrist

The Zero S 11 kW and Zero DS 11 kW are thrilling to ride, easy to own, and offer the best ride experience in their class. Whether you’re a new rider or just returning to the sport, enjoy all the benefits of riding electric without the expense and complications of advanced licence requirements.

In many areas, motorcycles limited to 11 kilowatts (about 15 hp) of continuous power have less stringent licencing requirements. Details vary by country or region, but this often means that if you hold an A1 or B licence, you may be eligible to ride one of these exciting new Zero models.

Please check with your local agency or visit a Zero Motorcycles Dealer for more info.

Zero S streetfighter

  • Ideal for everyday riding
  • ZF6.5 and ZF13.0 battery options available
  • Up to 325 km range

Zero DS dual sport

  • Go anywhere capability
  • Commanding riding position
  • Dual sport Pirelli tires, custom-tuned Showa suspension