Zero S charging
Plug into any
standard outlet


Get Charged. Anywhere.

Convenience comes first. All Zero Motorcycles models are designed to charge without any additional equipment being installed in the home or garage. All that is required is a standard household outlet. Meaning, you can pretty much charge anywhere at any time. Depending on the model, each motorcycle uses between 650W – 1300W while charging (see the “Power System” section under each model for specific details).

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding electric motorcycles is “How long does it take to charge?” An often used and fun response to this question is “About five seconds.” Electric motorcycles do not fit everyone’s lifestyle. However, for many people, it will take about five seconds to plug in their motorcycle when they get home, to the office or to another frequented location. And, unlike gas stations, since these locations are not dedicated to just “filling up,” one can be working, socializing, playing or even sleeping while their motorcycle is recharging. Just like a mobile phone, riders can plug their Zero into any standard outlet. Consequently, for many individuals this means never needing to stop at the gas station or deviate from their desired route (unless drawn to a fun and twisty detour).


Zero’s scalable "quick charge" system allows owners to add-on standalone chargers that will substantially reduce charge times. Each individual charger plugs into a standard household outlet and provides roughly one additional kWh of charge to the power pack every hour. Consequently, one Quick-Charge system could more than halve the charging time of a motorcycle. Visit any motorcycle’s specs page and look under “Power System” to determine how much time a quick charge system could save you.

Please keep in mind that most household electricity circuits are rated to 230V/16A, which can only support two chargers. As a result, in order to make use of Zero’s quick-charge accessories, you must plug each additional charger into a separate 230V/16A circuit. If connecting to any other, higher-rated household circuit, you must make sure it can safely support the load of each of Zero’s 1,200W input chargers.