Zero S on country road
New riding experience.
Different licencing requirements.

Licencing Requirements for
Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles offer a unique riding experience as compared to their internal combustion counterparts, in part, due to the power delivery. With an electric motorcycle you get instant torque and power from 0 rpm. The power delivery also tends to be smoother throughout the rpm band.

There are different licencing criteria for electric motorcycles in the EU. The main difference is that, unlike internal combustion engine (ICE, or petrol engine) motorcycles which are rated on max power, electric motorcycles are rated and homologated on continuous power.

Zero DS turn on dirt road

“Maximum” VS. “Continuous” Power:

  • Maximum power is defined as the absolute maximum power that a drivetrain can produce. View any motorcycle’s specification table to see the maximum power.
  • Continuous power is defined as the power that the drivetrain can sustain under certain operating conditions.
Zero S on highway

Ride Any 2016
with an A2 Licence

The difference in licencing requirements allows all 2016 Zero models to be ridden with an A2 licence, as the continuous power is below 35 kW and the power to weight ratio does not exceed .2 kW/kg.