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2015 Zero S Electric Motorcycle
Revolutionary technology meets
innovative motorcycle design

The Road Ahead

Imagine instant torque and power from a standstill. Imagine smooth acceleration as you throttle out of turns. Then, imagine never needing to stop at a gas station or being burdened with any scheduled powertrain maintenance. Pure. Powerful. Electric… and available now.

Developed to aggressively take on urban environments while encouraging occasional detours to your favorite stretch of backcountry twisties, the Zero S integrates revolutionary technology with innovative motorcycle design. The result is a motorcycle with breathtaking performance and a sophisticated appearance.

Featuring Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force® motor and power pack, the Zero S pulls hard to speeds above 150 km/h and offers a city range of up to 298 km with the optional Power Tank accessory.

Whether stealthily accelerating onto the highway or out of the turns, the Zero S is uniquely designed to deliver a thrilling sensation unlike any other on the road today. Are you ready?

“Shed old ideas about what a motorcycle is, what it does, how it feels, looks and sounds…
That notion about taking your breath away can stay.”
– The Wall Street Journal.
“The Zero S was engaging; it urged me to take the long way home.”
– Road RUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel
“Like electric cars, electric motorcycles are clean and efficient, but that’s
not why people buy them. The real reason is that they’re a blast to ride.”
– Consumer Reports
2014 Zero S Upper View

New for 2015

Adding to Exceptional.

The Zero S and Zero SR have always offered breathtaking power, seamless acceleration and the purity of a ride that enhances the most enjoyable elements of the traditional motorcycle experience. The 2015 models will all but disappear beneath you as you fly down the road with new Showa suspension, Bosch Anti Lock Brakes (ABS) and high performance Pirelli tires. Already the longest-range electric motorcycles in production today, the Zero S and Zero SR now offer riders 10% greater range by way of a newly optimized battery cell configuration. That’s up to 298 km of exhilaration.

Zero worked in close collaboration with Showa to develop suspension for the Zero S line that provides excellent small bump compliance, predictable control of bigger impacts and exceptionally smooth action under all conditions. Torsional rigidity of the front end was increased for improved handling, and a hollow front axle was used to reduce unsprung weight. Suspension settings are now completely customizable to meet the demands of a wide variety of riders.

Designed to make the twisties even more enjoyable, the contemporary new wheels, Pirelli tires and ABS work together with the highly tuned suspension to provide confidence and control. Riders will also enjoy the stylish new mirrors that provide excellent visibility of the vehicles they just passed.

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