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Federal Tax Credit

10% back on motorcycles
30% back on charging equipment

There are many reasons to ride a Zero: no gasoline, penny-per-mile “fuel” costs, ultra-low maintenance, and the most seamless and connected ride anywhere.

Now added to that list: a 10% federal tax credit available in all 50 states.

The Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit, also known as the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit, covers 10% of the purchase price of a Zero, up to $2,500. Plus: Electric motorcycle chargers (e.g., Zero Quick Charger and Zero Charge Tank) are eligible for a 30% tax credit up to $1,000. These credits are available in all 50 states and apply to motorcycles and charging equipment purchased in 2015 (retroactive) and 2016.

State Incentives

In addition to the Federal Tax Credit, many states offer incentives, making the purchase of a Zero even more attractive.

$900, currently waitlisted
»San Joaquin Valley
$1000 rebate
San Benito &
Santa Cruz Counties
$900 rebate (limited funds)
Massachusetts $750 rebate (limited funds)
Maryland $125/kWh excise tax credit
Pennsylvania $500 rebate (limited funds)
Utah $750 tax credit
Arizona Reduced vehicle license tax
Illinois Reduced vehicle registration fee

Federal Tax Credit Examples

(Please note that tax credits are based on the final bill of sale after any applied discounts)
2016 ModelsRetail PriceFederal Tax CreditEffective Price
Zero S and Zero DS (ZF9.8)$10,995$1,100$9,895
Zero S and Zero DS (ZF13.0)$13,995$1,400$12,595
Zero SR and Zero DSR (ZF13.0)$15,995$1,600$14,395
Zero FX and Zero FXS (ZF3.3)$8,495$850$7,645
Zero FX and Zero FXS (ZF6.5)$10,990$1,100$9,890

2015 ModelsRetail PriceFederal Tax CreditEffective Price
Zero S and Zero DS (ZF9.4)$11,995$1,200$10,795
Zero S and Zero DS (ZF12.5)$13,995$1,400$12,595
Zero SR (ZF12.5)$15,995$1,600$14,395
Zero FX (ZF2.8)$8,495$850$7,645
Zero FX (ZF5.7)$10,990$1,100$9,890

Charging AccessoriesRetail PriceFederal Tax CreditEffective Price
Charge Tank$1,988$596$1,392

Credits are based on the final bill of sale price for the motorcycle (including configuration accessories and additional batteries purchased on the same invoice, less taxes, fees and registration). If the product was discounted, the tax credit applies to the discounted price.

To ensure eligibility for the 30% federal tax credit specifically on charging equipment and accessories, these should be purchased on a separate invoice, which may serve as tax documentation.

Important Information for Existing Customers Who Purchased in 2015

This federal tax credit is retroactive for all of 2015, so all customers who purchased a Zero Motorcycle in 2015 are also eligible for the 10% federal tax credit.

*Government agencies offer these incentive programs. Availability and eligibility vary and are beyond Zero Motorcycles’ control. Many programs have limited funding and/or expiration dates. Eligibility for tax credits depends on your personal tax situation. Please consult your tax advisor, attorney, or accountant for details.