Service Bulletin

Zero Motorcycles is constantly pushing the envelope of electric motorcycle technology. While leading innovation, we are also committed to rigorous testing to ensure that our motorcycles are safe, reliable and will stand the test of time. To ensure that our motorcycles are always maintained in optimal working condition we will post any important service announcements or recommendations below.

October 15, 2009

We recently discovered a minor flaw in the system boards of a select group of Zero X and MX motorcycles. To ensure that all potentially affected customers are notified we have issued a voluntary recall in cooperation with the CSPC. The recall consists of a quick and strait forward procedure that most customers will be able to complete in their own homes. The procedure requires one part to be replaced. For more information about the recall and to see whether you are affected please continue reading below.

If you purchased your Zero X or Zero MX Motorcycle in December of 2008 or at any time since December of 2008, you have a motorcycle with a recalled system board. Or if you purchased a 2008 Zero X and subsequently returned it to Zero Motorcycles HQ for a 2009 upgrade, then you also have a motorcycle with a recalled system board. If you do not recall when you purchased your Zero X Motorcycle, you can check the Vehicle Identification Number on the motorcycle and our customer service department.

To view the official recall notification please click here.