Zero S Range Test Video
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Test Details
  • Total range: 49.1 miles
  • Trip speed (incl. stops): 24.6 mph
  • Elevation gain: Negligible / Flat
  • Riding style: Average
  • Payload: 160 lbs
    • Rider weight: 155 lbs
    • Cargo weight:6 lbs
  • Tires:
    • Pressure F/R: 36/36 psi
    • Type: Stock
    • Condition: New
  • Area type:
    • Urban: 100%
  • Surface conditions:
    • Asphalt: All
    • Dirt/Mud: None
  • Weather:
    • Temperature: 68°f
    • Wind: 5 mph

Cruising Range: 40-50 Mile Range

Riders who mainly use lower speed residential or country roads for the majority of their ride can expect to achieve an average range of between 40-50 miles. The rider in the test below was given the goal to cruise around a business park at a sustained speed of around 25 mph until he fully drained the power pack. This route is flat, has relatively few stops and does not have any high speed zones. The speed and elevation profiles below are representative of what a rider could expect to encounter if they lived in an area where they had a residential commute with few stops. In this situation the rider is likely to have shorter routes and would not have to charge their motorcycle after every ride because the total charge lasts for several days of riding.

Test Area Map

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Test Area Map
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Speed/Distance Graph

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Speed/Distance Graph

Elevation/Distance Graph

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Elevation/Distance Graph