Zero S Range Test Video
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Test Details
  • Total range: 22.2 miles
  • Trip speed (incl. stops): 51.0 mph
  • Elevation gain: Negligible / Flat
  • Riding style: Average
  • Payload: 160 lbs
    • Rider weight: 155 lbs
    • Cargo weight:5 lbs
  • Tires:
    • Pressure F/R: 36/36 psi
    • Type: Stock
    • Condition: New
  • Area type:
    • Highway: 90%
    • City: 10%
  • Surface conditions:
    • Asphalt: All
    • Dirt/Mud: None
  • Weather:
    • Temperature: 68°f
    • Wind: 5 mph

Mostly Highway / Some City Riding: 20-30 Mile Range

Riders who live in cities and use freeways during a portion of their route can expect to achieve an average range of around 20-30 miles. The rider in this test starts near the highway, uses a number of freeway ramps and is riding on the highway for the majority of the route. In this test the rider’s goal was to fully drain the power pack and under these circumstances it took the rider about 22.2 miles. If the route included more city streets and fewer highway miles then the range of the motorcycle would increase closer to 30 miles.

Test Area Map

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Test Area Map
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Speed/Distance Graph

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Speed/Distance Graph

Elevation/Distance Graph

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Range Elevation/Distance Graph