Z-Force® ZF2.8 Power Tank

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This dealer installed accessory can be added at any time and extends the range of the 2014-2016 Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS or Zero DSR by adding a ZF2.8 kWh module. It includes a new tank section of the motorcycle that eliminates the tank bag from the motorcycle. The Power Tank is not compatible with motorcycles equipped with the Charge Tank accessory.

10-081002016 [Zero DS], Orange
10-081072016 [Zero DSR], Black
10-081032016 [Zero S], Yellow
10-081102016 [Zero SR], Red
10-080432015 [Zero DS], Orange
10-080442015 [Zero DS], White
10-080452015 [Zero S], Black
10-080462015 [Zero S], Yellow
10-080472015 [Zero SR], Red
10-067142014 [Zero DS], Orange
10-067132014 [Zero DS], White
10-067162014 [Zero S], Black
10-067182014 [Zero S], Yellow
10-067192014 [Zero SR], Red