Zero S Electric Motorcycle

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Zero Motorcycles continues to be the industry leader in electric motorcycles, setting the benchmarks in performance and range. As innovations enable the motorcycles to go farther and faster, investments in technology make them easier than ever to own, a key part of Zero’s strategy to bring more riders on board.

For the urban commuter interested in adding enjoyment to the daily grind or the dual sport rider who’d like to venture from the beaten path, Zero has created motorcycles that deliver all the thrill of electric at a fraction of the price.

Beyond offering an exceptional value to own, the ZF9.8 models are a blast to ride. The more compact power pack is significantly lighter, and that weight is carried lower. This means quicker acceleration and more nimble handling. Pro tip: the 0-60 time for a Zero S ZF9.8 is less than a second off of the mighty Zero SR with a Power Tank.

Zero S Electric Motorcycle
The average commute is under 25 miles, meaning the Zero S is ready to make your daily round trip faster, more affordable and—best of all—enjoyable.
  • Nimble and stable thanks to its low weight and instant torque
  • Quick acceleration, no clutch, always in the right gear
  • About a penny-per-mile in electricity to ride
  • No gas to fill, no oil to check or change, no routine powertrain maintenance
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From a ribbon of perfect asphalt, through the potholed pavement, to where the term “road” can only be loosely applied, electric adventure is now more accessible.
  • Commanding riding position is well-suited to taller riders
  • Cover challenging terrain with seamless torque and high power-to-weight ratio
  • Dual sport Pirelli tires, custom-tuned Showa suspension
  • No gas to fill, no oil to check or change, no routine powertrain maintenance
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Zero DS Electric Motorcycle