Zero Motorcycles Mobile App

Bluetooth Connectivity

All Zero Motorcycles model year 2013 and later are equipped with Bluetooth capability. This allows you to connect your motorcycle with the new Zero iPhone app and the Zero Android app. Now you’ll be able to customize your ride and see real-time performance statistics straight from your motorcycle.

Turn on Bluetooth Discoverability

By default, your motorcycle will not be discoverable to Bluetooth devices. You must enable Bluetooth discoverability to allow other devices to find the motorcycle.

  • Model Year 2014 and 2015
    To turn on Bluetooth discoverability, first key on the motorcycle. Leave the kickstand down and make sure the motor stop switch is in the stop/don’t run position. Press and hold the performance level mode button on the right handlebar for at least 5 seconds. When the Bluetooth symbol on the dash begins to blink, release the mode button.
  • Model Year 2013
    To turn on Bluetooth discoverability, first key on the motorcycle. Leave the kickstand down and make sure the motor stop switch is in the stop/don’t run position. Toggle the performance level mode switch back and forth between Eco and Sport modes at least 12 times. Once the motorcycle is discoverable, the green “Armed” light will flash for a few seconds (except on FX and XU models. With the FX and XU models, the red warning light will blink slightly faster). It may take up to 10 seconds for the motorcycle to become visible to your Bluetooth device.

Once discoverability is enabled, the motorcycle will remain discoverable until paired with a phone, or until the motorcycle is switched off. Once you have paired your phone with the motorcycle, you will not need to repeat the discoverability process to connect to it.

(The motorcycle will also be discoverable for the first few seconds after it is keyed on. For some users, this may be enough to allow their Bluetooth-enabled device to discover the motorcycle.)

Note: A motorcycle can pair with multiple phones, but will connect to only one at a time. Similarly, your phone can pair with multiple Zero motorcycles, but connect to only one. Connecting to a motorcycle via Bluetooth does not affect other simultaneous uses of the phone’s Bluetooth link, such as listening to music through Bluetooth headphones.

Pairing with an iPhone

Pairing with the motorcycle must be done through the iPhone’s Settings screen, not the Zero Motorcycles App’s Settings screen. And pairing only needs to be performed once for each connecting Bluetooth device.

To pair your iPhone with the motorcycle, first make sure that the motorcycle is detected via Bluetooth. (See “Turn On Bluetooth Discoverability” above.)

Second, go to the iPhone’s Settings screen. Select the Bluetooth button, and enable Bluetooth connectivity. Under the list of Devices, you should see your motorcycle. It will be displayed in this format: ZeroMotorcyclesABCDE, where ABCDE are the last 5 digits of your VIN. Select this device to connect your motorcycle.

Your VIN can be found on the VIN sticker, which is located on the head tube of the motorcycle’s frame.

After the motorcycle is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, launch the Zero app.

Do not open the Zero app before connecting via Bluetooth. If the Zero app is open prior to connection, you may have to kill the app and restart it.

Make sure you are not in Demo Mode. Open the app and click the Settings button (4th icon at the bottom, with the gears symbol). Turn off Demo Mode.

Pairing with an Android device

For the Zero Android app, pairing and connecting via Bluetooth is handled inside the Zero app, not the phone’s settings page.

Bluetooth is managed on the Settings screen (4th icon at the bottom, with the gears symbol). The 2nd button down is the Bluetooth button.

  • When unconnected, the button is labeled “Available Devices List.”
  • When unconnected but previously paired and told to auto-connect, the button is labeled “Trying To Auto Connect.”
  • When connected, the button is labeled “Connected.”

Pressing this button will take you to the “Choose Device” screen. Here you will see all the devices you’ve previously paired with. Select the “Scan devices” button to do a fresh scan to find motorcycles that are discoverable.