Zero Motorcycles Mobile App

Common Troubleshooting Questions for the Zero Motorcycles App

1. Why can’t I see the motorcycle’s Bluetooth ID listed on my iPhone/Android?

Follow the directions for pairing in “Bluetooth Connectivity.” Most notably: “Turn on Bluetooth Discoverability.”

  • If you have trouble discovering the device via Bluetooth, turn your phone off then on.
  • If you cannot pair or connect to a motorcycle, make sure that the motorcycle is not currently connected to another phone or Bluetooth device. Turn off the phone’s Bluetooth, and try again. The motorcycle can only connect to one device at a time. (Although it may pair with up to 10 phones.)
  • The motorcycle only be detected and paired if it is keyed on and is not armed. Make sure that the motorcycle is on, the kill switch is turned off, and the kickstand is down before turning on the motorcycle’s discoverability.
  • Make sure that the app is off before you connect to a motorcycle. It may be necessary to kill and restart the app. See “How to Kill the Zero Application,” below.

2. Why are my displays (“State of Charge,” “Time Until Charged,” “Money Saved,” “Cost per Mile,” “CO2 reduced”) incorrect?

The App only gathers statistics from the last time you pressed “Reset Statistics.”

  • If “Reset Statistics” has been pressed recently, there may be too small of a sample size.
  • If you’ve changed your battery or updated the firmware on your motorcycle, you’ll need to press “Reset Statistics,” as the baseline values for kWH or mileage may have changed.

Android-Specific Questions

1. When pairing, the Android asks me to confirm that a pass key is displayed on the Motorcycle. Where do I find this?

We don’t use a pass key, and there is no way to verify it. Just press “Ok” on the Android device and accept the pairing.

2. Why does it keep telling me that it has lost connection with my motorcycle?

Your Android device is trying to Autoconnect, and can’t find the motorcycle.

To fix, either:

  • Move closer to the motorcycle and allow it to autoconnect.
  • Turn off AutoPairing. SETTINGS -> Bluetooth (may also be called “Trying to Autoconnect”). Find the device that it is trying to autoconnect with, and select it to turn off Autoconnect.

3. How to Kill the Zero Application

In Android (note: these directions may vary depending on the version and build of your phone!): From the main screen of the Android phone, go to the Settings program. Find “Apps” (may be labeled “Applications”). Scroll down and select the Zero Motorcycles entry. A new page will open. Choose the “Force stop” button. Press “Ok” from the pop-up dialog to force-stop this application. Press the home button to return to the Android device’s home screen. You may now relaunch the Zero app.

iPhone-specific Questions

1. Why does my iPhone tell me to download the app every time I pair or connect with a motorcycle, even though I have the Zero app installed?

  • This is a normal message when pairing with your motorcycle for the first time. If the message persists, make sure that you are running the latest version of the app.
  • This behavior has been seen only on iOS 5 devices. The app does not support iOS 5 devices; upgrade to iOS 6.

2. How to Kill the Zero Application

In iOS 6.0: Unlock the phone and go to the Home screen. Double-click the Home button. A list of recently run programs will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the Zero app icon. A delete symbol will appear in the upper-left corner of the icon. Press to kill the app. Press the home button once to remove the delete symbols, and press the home button again to return to the home screen. You may now relaunch the Zero app.