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2017 Zero FX Electric Motorcycle
Compact. Fiercely powerful.
Attack the trails and twisties.

Do Anything. Ride Anywhere.

You’ve never experienced power and freedom like this. All those things you wished you could get away with...they just became possible. It is said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Just in case you find this to be true, hit the eco-switch...or don’t.

Delivering a nearly instantaneous 78 ft-lb of torque and weighing less than 300 lb, the Zero FX takes any type of riding to bold new levels. Stealthily ride at any hour of the day or night, on a motorcycle that distills riding into its most basic and adrenaline-pumping elements.

Tempting you to ride on any terrain that crosses your path, the Zero FX chassis hails from Zero Motorcycles’ championship-winning off-road heritage and features the most advanced Z-Force® technology yet.

Equipped with a maintenance-free powertrain, belt drive and optional fully modular power pack system, no riding time is wasted and each mile ridden only costs around a penny in electricity.

“The rocket-ship acceleration is sudden, silent and intense.
The FX zipped through traffic like a stealth fighter.”
– LA Times
“Its light weight and wheel-lifting torque make the FX the naughtiest of all the Zero bikes.”
– Gizmag
“No question, the Zero FX is the world’s most entertaining electric bike.”
– Cycle World
“The FX was impressive each time we tested it, highlighting its
multi-use capabilities – on the street, in the dirt, or both.”
“No need to visit the gas station: no gas, no oil, no problem.”
– KUSI TV (San Diego)
2017 Zero FX Upper View

2017 Advancements

Upgraded Power Packs with a New Five-Year, Unlimited-Mileage Warranty
11% More Torque. 5% Increase in Power. Smoother Delivery.
Wider, Stronger Drive Belt
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