Motor and Energy– High Torque and Acceleration

Fueled by Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary lithium ion power pack, the Zero MX delivers instant torque from zero RPM. This is made possible by the power pack’s ability to efficiently dump an incredibly high amount of power as soon as you twist the throttle. Using an advanced monitoring system, each cell in the power pack is individually controlled during charge and discharge. A standalone charger integrates into this system and uses a specially developed charge profile to optimize the power pack’s recharge time.

Think of it this way, fuel systems are to gas motorcycles what electrical systems are to electrical motorcycles. Where others use a small carburetor and fuel pump, Zero uses a highly tuned fuel injection system. Zero has found a way of rapidly flowing more energy out of a power pack than any of its competitors. This means more acceleration and more fun.

More power and better acceleration:
  • More powerful Agni motor is standard
  • Sustains higher power output for longer durations
  • More torque
New motor integrated Z-Force Air Induction System:
  • Allows for increased motor performance during aggressive riding
  • Enables more energy output for longer durations
  • Powerful, low weight and compact motor
Enhanced power pack features include:
  • Optional quick-charge that cuts recharge time down by almost half (to around an hour)
  • Full aluminum anodized exterior casing
  • Increased durability and impact load resistance
  • New and improved internal packaging
  • Current-based state of charge sensor
  • CAN communication
  • Quick connectors for easier swap ability
Additional powertrain improvements include:
  • Simplified performance settings for more and less aggressive riding (Level I and II)
  • More refined power delivery
  • Enhanced motor with integrated thermal protection system

Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Power Pack and Frame

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Brakes – Bigger and More Robust

Because you’ll be going faster through the turns and riding harder with instant torque at any RPM, Zero has added increased stopping power and a more precise brake feel. The 2011 Zero MX electric motorcycle features beefier brakes all around.

More powerful and higher performance braking system by HB Performance:
  • More precise, easier to modulate and requires less effort
  • Increased fade resistance and greater thermal mass rotors
  • Steel braided lines for improved lever feel and precise brake modulation
  • Larger system size for increased stopping power
  • Greater commonality using standard-size mount patterns
  • Standard motorcycle rear foot brake
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Front Brake

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Suspension – Tuned for the Track

The Zero MX uses a newly refined suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain on the track. Taking advantage of the motorcycle’s low weight, the inverted front fork is robust, light and responsive. Riders can quickly dial it in using the externally adjustable compression and rebound damping. On the rear, a rigid double diamond swing arm keeps the wheel planted using a newly developed custom rear shock with a fully adjustable spring preload and easily tuned damping.

Carefully tuned, balanced and improved suspension system:
  • Specially tuned for the track
    • Tested on motocross tracks and jumps by a variety of different riders
    • Suspension specialists recorded all riding results alongside riders
    • Analysis of riding results used to optimize compliance by adjusting damping curves and spring rates
  • Revised triple-clamps for improved bearing pre-loading and durability
  • New fork and shock internals
  • Steel stanchions for increased strength, rigidity and control
  • Front adjustments: Compression and rebound damping
  • Rear adjustments: Preload, compression and rebound damping

Zero MX Electric Motorcycle front fork

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Wheels and Tires – Hook Up in the Turns

The Zero MX alloy wheels are designed to reduce unsprung weight while not compromising on strength. During acceleration instant torque is efficiently channeled into the dirt through a beefy rear tire and directed using an equally aggressive front.

New improved wheels and tires
  • Stouter, more durable and more robust wheels by ProWheel
  • Standard sizes with commonality for greater aftermarket tire options
  • Aggressive new motocross tires (front and rear)
  • Street legal certified tires
New wheel and tire sizes:
  • Front: 1.85 x 19 wheel; 70/100-19 tire
  • Rear: 2.15 x 16 wheel; 90/100-16 tire

Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Rear Tire

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Frame and Body – Rigid and Light Aircraft Grade Aluminum

At the core of the Zero MX lies the ultimate dirt bike frame that Zero has engineered from the ground up and hand crafted using aircraft grade aluminum. The resulting combination of lower weight and higher strength means more responsiveness. In the turns and off the line this translates into greater acceleration. To make the frame even more durable each one is shot-peened and anodized.

  • Hydroformed top tube for increased strength and reduced weight
  • Massive swingarm for increased strength and torsional rigidity (better cornering and tracking)
  • Large cylindrical swingarm cross tube for increased stiffness and suspension response
  • Thru-axle rear hub for exponentially increased strength and rigidity
  • Entire frame is shot-peened and anodized for resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Organic frame gusseting for increased strength and smoother body lines
  • Bodywork is highlighted with new color graphics
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Frame

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Gearing and Chain – Durability and New Aftermarket Options

To accommodate the Zero MX’s increased traction and ability to accelerate in the dirt Zero uses a hardened steel 420 chain along with durable direct drive gearing. The result is a stronger and longer lasting drivetrain that puts the power from the throttle directly into the dirt.

  • Hardened steel 420 Chain
  • Front and rear accompanying 420 Sprockets
  • New motor sprocket cover that provides a more finished powertrain look
  • New rear sprocket that offers greater aftermarket options
    • Optimized to be light, stiff, strong and durable
    • Standard-size mount pattern for greater aftermarket options
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Drivetrain

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Instrument Panel and System Upgrades – Quick Look and Easy Access

A quick look tells you everything you need to know when reading the Zero MX's simple and durable instrument panel. Connecting the dash to the rest of the motorcycle is a brand new wiring system that is designed to increase electrical system longevity. With a motorcycle this desirable, you’ll also be reassured to know that it comes with an integrated keyed ignition switch and steering lock.

  • Easy access to gauges and switches – ‘quick look’ clustered instrumentation
  • “Armed” light for increased awareness and safety
  • New keyed ignition switch and steering lock that offers improved security and peace of mind
  • Integrated battery power connector for ease of use and durability
  • New charge indicator that uses a new current based algorithm for exceptional accuracy
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Top View

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Handling – Faster Turns and Bigger Berms

Zero wants you to be able to take full advantage of the rapid acceleration the Zero MX has to offer. To do this Zero has taken detailed input from riders’ experiences and built in their requests. The result, this electric dirt bike gives you the control and comfort to ride hard.

Improved contact points:
  • More supportive footpegs with an aggressive new profile
    • Much more aggressive saw tooth profile to maintain foot position and control
    • Uses a standardized clevis for greater aftermarket options
  • Higher handlebars with adjustable risers
    • Creates a more ergonomic riding position and allows for better control
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Rear Swing Arm

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Street Legal Version – Adding More Freedom and Versatility
  • Fully street legal as ordered and ready to register
  • Full street legal and internationally homologated light kit/system
    • New modular lighting system harness
    • New bolt-on tail structure for supporting new tail-pod
    • New headlight and turn signal brackets
  • Integrated front dash and fly screen
  • New side stand
  • Different rear sprocket gearing for the street designed to achieve a higher top speed
  • Side view mirrors
Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Street

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