Where would you go with an exceptionally lightweight, highly maneuverable and powerful dirt bike? Now … what if it didn’t make a sound?

Built from the ground up for extraordinary handling, the fully electric Zero X uses a revolutionary powertrain to open up previously unthinkable trail riding possibilities. With instant torque from a standstill, no shifting and a low weight, the Zero X is a high performance electric motorcycle that pushes technical trail riding to ambitious new levels. Direct drive gearing and weight-optimized components combine to form a stealthy machine that aggressively races up hills, flies over jumps and cuts through streams.

A proprietary Z-Force™ lithium ion power pack and highly efficient motor are optimized to produce instant acceleration at the twist of your wrist. To extend ride times the aircraft grade aluminum Zero X frame is designed to accommodate quick power pack swaps.

What's New for 2011

For 2011 the Zero X comes in two new configurations; dirt only and street legal. The new street legal version marks the first time ever that riders can legally take a Zero X on the street. It includes lights, mirrors, higher gearing, a sidestand and street legal tires.

Both configurations of the Zero X are equipped with a new trail tuned suspension system and a powerful new braking system that allow it to take on technical single track like never before. An anodized aluminum power pack casing and bold new graphics package give it a fresh new look that polishes off the motorcycles’ host of improvements and systems upgrades. Among its powertrain improvements, the Zero X offers the option of fast charging that cuts the recharge time by almost half to around one hour. Additional improvements include a more robust frame, higher grip footpegs with a standard clevis, handlebars with adjustable risers and an integrated ignition lock system.

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