Meet the Riders

Who better to tell the story

Every Zero Motorcycles rider has stories to tell about their first ride on a Zero, about people who enthusiastically ask them questions while stopped at a traffic light, the money they save on gas or the sublime feeling they get whenever they hop on their Zero. Words, photos and videos cannot fully capture the feeling of what it is to ride a Zero… but if they could, the stories in this gallery come about as close as you can get.

We invite you to meet some of the customers who have graciously taken their time to share their experiences. And, after you’ve watched a few videos, we invite you to go for a ride yourself.

video gallery
Electric Motorcycles - What's the Point?
Bob Burnquist: The Future Is Here
High Tech Escape
Stressless in Seattle
You Have The Right To Remain Silent
Preston Petty: The Life Electric
Doug Goes Supermoto Racing in Sonoma
Bob. His 2012 Zero S... and the Smile
A Ride Through Pacifica California with Richard
A Motorcycle that Always Gives You a Thrill
Lorraine's Quiet, Poetic Ride to Work on her Zero S
Travels on a Zero S--From Bear Mountain to New York City
Riding a Zero S through the Rocky Mountains-8,500ft Elevation
Scott and the Coolness Factor-- 2013 Launch Party
It's a Phenomenal Motorcycle-- 2013 Launch Party
Terry's Off the Grid, Cross Country Trip with his Zero S
Sneaking up on Wildlife with the Zero DS-2013 Launch Party
Brandon Racing at 102 mph on a Zero S
The Advantage of Electric Power-2013 Launch Party
Riding a Zero in Belgium
The Most Enjoyable Motorcycle I've Ever Owned
Zero S--A Great Way to Have a Mid-Life Crisis
I Feel Like a Rockstar on my Zero DS
Loving my Zero X Electric Motorcycle in Granada, Spain
ZERO Motorcycles - Why I Love My ZERO - Sun Valley IDAHO/ Turn it UP Productions
Why I Love my Zero Motorcycle Fuzzy Hall
Why I Love my Zero X Electric Motorcycle
Shaun and his Zero X electric motorcycle
Riding in the Backcountry with Blake
Quiet Ride Through the Forest on a Zero X
Don’t Disturb the Neighbors Riding the Zero X