For the last 13 years K Squared Racing has been lead by Kenyon Kluge. As the team manager and rider, Kenyon has lead K Squared Racing in competitions covering a number of different racing disciplines. During this time Kenyon supported his passion for racing through his daytime career as an electrical engineer. For the bulk of these years Kenyon worked for networking and microchip companies. However, in 2008 he merged both worlds when he became an electrical engineer at Zero Motorcycles.

The K Squared Racing entry was a production Zero S with some minor modifications for racing. By racing a modified production motorcycle K Squared racing showed what a privateer racer can do with an electric motorcycle that is available today. The K squared racing motorcycle used the same motor that is equipped on every Zero S and Zero DS motorcycle. While Zero Motorcycles was Kenyon’s biggest support, Kenyon’s team and motorcycle were put together through his own private efforts. The suspension and chassis setup was provided by Aftershocks Suspension.

Accolades for K Squared:
  • 2001 AFM 750 Production champion
  • Ranked 15th in AMA Formula Xtreme 2002 championship
  • 4th in AFM 450 Superbike 2005 championship
  • 2008 US Cycling Sport Class National DH champion

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