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FXE Accessories

Practical, design... or both?

Individualise your FXE with our range of official parts and accessories and make it truly your own. As the owner of a Zero FXE, we know you already value individualism. Now, with these official accessories, you can create a motorcycle to meet your own specific needs.

All our accessories are available at your nearest Zero-certified dealer.

Top Rack Kit with GIVI Box

Ref: 10-08344

Lockable, easily removable, and aerodynamic, the Zero Top Box was designed by GIVI to offer convenient storage in a central location. Positioned behind the rider or possible passenger, the top box does not widen your motorcycle and sits in the rider’s slipstream. With 34 liters of capacity and a maximum load of 3 kg, the top box is large enough to hold a helmet and many other goods simultaneously.

  • Developed in conjunction with GIVI
  • Provides secure luggage storage while riding
  • GIVI Monolock system
  • Detaches when not in use
  • Includes fitment of top box rack kit

Led Turn Signals

Ref: 10-08304

A stylish addition to your Zero, these LED turn signals are brighter than the OE indicators for greater visibility, despite the compact dimensions.
The turn signals are available with either smoked or clear lenses, with six integrated amber LEDs contributing to the slimline styling.
What’s more, the soft rubber stem design offers a degree of protection against the knocks and scrapes to be found in the urban jungle.

  • Six ultra-bright amber LEDs for greater visibility
  • Soft stem design to absorb minor knocks
  • DOT and SAE approved
  • Available in Clear and Smoked
  • Sold as pair

Aggressive Foot Peg

Ref: 10-07423

Designed by Pro Taper, our aggressive footpegs increase the rugged profile of your Zero FXE. They offer hard anodized billet aluminum cleats, a stainless-steel platform base, and the exclusive ProTaper traction arch cleat design.

  • Tough motocross styling
  • Provides an additional feeling of grip for the rider, especially in wet and muddy conditions
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • Simple fitment

Zero Hand Guards

Ref: 10-08067

Protect your hands from trees, brush, and rocks with the Zero Hand Guards. Designed by CycraRacing, the black anodized bars and handlebar clamps integrate neatly onto your motorcycle's handlebars. In the event of a crash, the handguards serve to protect your brake lever as well as other handlebar controls. Included with this handguard kit are black or white, high-impact plastic hand shields, and all the hardware needed for installation.

  • High-impact protection for your hands
  • Available in white or black
  • Designed by Cycra Racing
  • Sold as pair
  • Includes fitting kit

Drop Bars

Ref: 10-08028

The Zero FXE Drop Bars were designed by Zero Motorcycles to meet the demands of our police and military customers. Manufactured using black powder-coated steel, they provide the Zero FXE with extra protection from damage caused by accidental drops.

  • Prevent or reduce bike damage
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel
  • Discrete and durable black finish

Dual Sport Screen

Ref: 10-08246

The Dual Sport Screen provides wind deflection while adding to the long-range comfort and rugged look of your FXE. Designed in partnership with MRA, a leading motorcycle screen manufacturer, the Dual Sport Screen is robust and deflects airflow away from your torso while in a standing position and away from your shoulders while seated. The Dual Sport Screen comes with all needed parts for installation and mounts easily onto the handlebar risers.

  • Wind protection to increase comfort
  • Rugged styling
  • Developed by MRA, a leading screen manufacturer

Barracuda Bar Ends

Ref: 27-08244

Barracuda’s B-Lux Bar End for the Zero FXE is expertly machined from billet aluminium. Sold as a pair, they not only add an extra touch of class for your Zero but also provide added protection to the twistgrip.

  • Made of billet aluminium
  • Provides unique styling and protects the throttle
  • Sold as pair

Other Zero Accessories

We also provide a wide variety of other Zero parts and accessories, that can upgrade your Zero to make it even more personal. Add function and comfort to reflect your rider's needs.

All our accessories are available at your nearest Zero-certified dealer.