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SR/S GT Pack

Free ‘GT Pack’ and low rate finance adds even more value to Zero SR/S

Delivering smiles for miles! The beauty of an electric sport-touring motorcycle is that it offers you the versatility of comfort, plenty of room for storing your gear – and that elevated bonus element of fun for the long ride ahead. Plus, no shifting, vibration or fumes.

To support that claim, Zero Motorcycles is announcing the ‘SR/S GT Pack’ promo, a European initiative aimed at long-distance riders who choose to go that extra mile with and for their Zero motorcycle.

The ‘SR/S GT Pack’ offers riders increased parking stability with the motorcycle center stand and more storage room with the Top and Side SHAD cases. Extra value for extended journeys.

The added value of the package is worth £1132. The promotion starts right now and lasts until December 31st, 2021.

The promotion will apply to all NEW 2020 and 2021 Zero SR/S models (Standard and Premium) from the dealer showrooms and inventory. Through the ‘SR/S GT Pack’ promo, Zero Motorcycles is offering customers added value for money on the purchase of any new Zero SR/S. Explore new roads without all the noise and push your Zero into uncharted territories.

The package contains the following items:

1. Top Rack with SH39 Top Case

2. Side Rack with SH36 Side Cases

3. Center Stand