Ride Modes

A full suite of preprogrammed ride modes including Sport, Street, Eco, Rain, and Canyon mode are selectable on the fly through Zero’s dash interface and customizable through the next-generation app available for Apple iOS and Android. Along with these included modes, the ability to create custom modes allows for virtually infinite ride profile options to cater to individual riding styles or conditions. With the all-new offroad capabilities you can also add offroad traction to any one of the preprogrammed modes which achieve a new level of control in low or variable traction conditions of any kind regardless of the ride mode. Each mode has a different performance profile in key areas such as top speed, torque, braking, and neutral battery regeneration, as well as traction controls and even color and graphic changes. Use what we have preprogrammed or make your own from scratch through the app. 


Cypher III+

The most intelligent motorcycle operating system available today is at the center of the Zero Adventure Sports experience. In addition to the numerous customization adjustment options included there is a suite of features that allow for deeper customization of various performance criteria. DSR/X will come with all the Cypher III+ features included. Features include faster charging and increased battery capacity, turn-by-turn on dash navigation, and Parking Mode that provides a slow reverse gear to aid in getting over a critical obstacle or parking in a tight spot. 

Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC)

Through continuous sensor input monitoring, the DSR/X’s on/offroad MSC supports the rider by assisting during acceleration, braking, and while cornering or riding straight, regardless of terrain and conditions. Combining Bosch’s MSC System, renowned for dynamic acceleration and improved stability, with Zero’s Cypher III+, the offroad MSC’s full capabilities are unleashed. This marriage of leading technologies results in best-in-class straight-line ABS and cornering brake control, traction control, and drag torque control all to provide maximum control and safety for riders. 

Showa Suspension System

An all-new front and rear suspension tuned to keep the rubber in contact with the road provides a controlled, comfortable, and agile ride down the highway, with unprecedented capability in the dirt. Fully adjustable 7.48 inches / 190mm of travel up front and 7.48 inches / 190 mm in the rear provide the added travel needed for offroad terrain. The rear shock features a hand-adjustable preload to dial in the perfect ride height based on load for on-the-trail adjustments.