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New for 2019

Zero Motorcycles designs and builds the best electric motorcycles on the planet at its California headquarters. Founded in 2006, Zero continues to define the electric motorcycle category with the most advanced powertrain tech, diverse electric lineup, and transformational riding experiences underscored by smooth, seamless, asphalt-ripping, acceleration. The 2019 model line extends this lead by delivering bold new styling, higher performance base models and smarter smarts.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

Enhanced Zero DSR

Smooth, virtually silent, and insanely quick, riding the Zero DSR off-road embodies the ideal escape experience. The 2019 Zero DSR offers more to the off-road enthusiast by including a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards, and a 12 V accessory socket.

More powerful Zero S and Zero DS ZF7.2 11 kW

The lighter weight base models Zero S and Zero DS offer 42% more horsepower to stay even farther ahead of cars and fellow motorcyclists.

Backwards-compatible Charge Tank now through local dealers

Zero’s 6 kW Charge Tank was introduced as a factory option for 2018 models. In response to strong consumer demand, Zero is releasing an aftermarket Charge Tank that can be installed at local dealerships. Zero designed the new accessory with long-time owners in mind and made it compatible with applicable models dating back to 2015.

The Charge Tank can “refuel” a Zero S or Zero DS ZF7.2 11 kW from empty to 95% in an hour using standard Level 2 charge stations. Every hour of charging adds up to 137 km of city range. Plug in the standard charger in parallel to hit 166 km/h of charging.*

Effortless, optimized long-term storage

Zero continuously improves the motorcycle’s operating system to deliver maximum powertrain performance and enhance the ownership experience. The 2019 lineup features a patent pending Long Term Storage Mode. An industry first, the motorcycle automatically puts itself into Long Term Storage Mode to optimize the battery’s state of charge to further improve long term battery health. No complex procedures needed.

Bold new styling across the line

The 2019 models reflect Zero’s new brand with a completely overhauled color scheme and graphics. From the subtle Rhino Gray of the Zero FXS to the simple sophistication of the Jet Black Zero S, the fresh color palette offers something for every taste.

* Specifications based on city range. Actual range and recharge times vary based on riding style, road conditions, motorcycle accessories, and charge station output/configuration.

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