2019 Zero DS
Ride Through Anything

The Zero DS is the world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. Easy to control in the dirt and nimble on the streets, the Zero DS’s generous suspension travel and dual-purpose tires allow riders to traverse just about anything. Smooth power delivery and upright ergonomics ensure you’ll get wherever you’re going, quickly and comfortably.

Available in three configurations:

Zero DS ZF7.2 11 kW – A compact 7.2 kWh battery frees up space for a convenient storage compartment and reduces weight by 43 kg, delivering nimble handling. Restricted to 11 kW.

Zero DS ZF14.4 11 kW – Step up to the larger 14.4 kWh power pack, and you’ll see double the range. Add a Power Tank to ride even farther. Restricted to 11 kW.

Zero DS ZF14.4 – Features the larger 14.4 kWh power pack and unrestricted power for higher sustained top speeds.

About 11 kW models: In many areas, motorcycles limited to 11 kilowatts of continuous power have less stringent (A1 or B) licencing requirements. Details vary by country.

What’s New for 2019

Now faster. The lighter weight Zero DS ZF7.2 11 kW offers 35% more horsepower and 8% higher top speed to stay even farther ahead of cars and fellow motorcyclists.

Charge 2015 and newer Zero DS models at up to 125 kilometers per hour using the new aftermarket 6 kW Charge Tank accessory at Level 2 charging stations, 6x faster than when using standard 220 V outlets.

The 2019 Zero DS features Long Term Storage Mode. An industry first, the motorcycle automatically optimizes the battery’s state of charge to further improve battery longevity. No complex procedures needed.

Features Sandstone colored paint

Key Features of the Zero DS

Highly efficient, zero-maintenance powertrain does not require a complex cooling system

Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary Z-Force® motor is the industry’s most efficient, powerful, compact, brushless and sealed air-cooled motor

Battery packs covered by a five-year, unlimited kilometer warranty

Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force® battery is the most power and energy dense in the EV industry.

Z-Force® IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor is highly efficient and rapidly air-cools for improved performance during hard riding and higher sustained top speeds

Zero DS ZF14.4 features the Z-Force® 75-7 motor producing 60 hp and 110 Nm of torque

Zero DS ZF7.2 11 kW features the Z-Force® 75-5 motor producing 44 hp and 106 Nm of torque

“Just ride” direct-drive system operates elegantly and simply using a maintenance-free Poly Chain® HTD® Carbon™ belt: no clutch, no shifting, and no need to carry a heavy and complex transmission

In addition to standard “sport” and “eco” riding modes, the Zero Motorcycles app offers “custom” mode allowing riders to set their own performance profile and view detailed energy usage statistics

Owners can easily realize the benefits of continuous performance advancements by updating their firmware via the latest Zero Motorcycles mobile app

With the optional Power Tank accessory, the 102 V power pack’s multiple configurations enable customers to select the battery capacity that best meets their range needs: 7.2 kWh, 14.4 kWh or 18.0 kWh

Life-of-motorcycle cell technology ensures outstanding battery longevity

User-adjustable regenerative braking levels

1.3 kW on-board charger can be plugged into any household outlet and used together with the optional Quick Charger accessory and/or Charge Tank option for reduced charge times

Refined twin-spar aircraft-grade aluminum chassis is lightweight and torsionally stiff for precise handling and exceptional durability

Fully adjustable, custom-tuned Showa suspension optimizes comfort and control

Bosch anti-lock braking system ensures optimal stopping performance under a wide variety of conditions

Versatile Pirelli MT-60 tires offer excellent traction in both on- and off-road conditions, superb cornering and straight line stability and wet weather performance

Aerodynamic chin fairing aids powertrain cooling

High-contrast backlit LCD screen displays state of charge, performance profile, and key riding stats

Integrated, lockable, weather resistant compartments and tank trunk provide convenient storage