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Zero Motorcycles Launches New Summer Promotion -
“The First 15,000 Miles of Electricity Are on Us”
– Riders can enjoy an exceptionally fun and carefree summer of riding on a new Zero –

LONDON, (22 June 2012) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced that the company will pay for the first 15,000* miles of electricity when riders purchase a new 2012 Zero through the end of July. Zero launched the promotion to highlight the 2012 lineup’s incredible efficiency and how inexpensive each model is to operate.

“With rising petrol prices and the summer riding season just around the corner, we want riders to enjoy an exceptionally fun and carefree summer of riding on a new Zero. The fact that Zero Motorcycles can offer to pay for the energy for the first 15,000 miles of riding helps to highlight the incredible efficiency of our entire lineup. We invite interested riders to schedule a demo ride at a Zero Motorcycles dealer to both experience the ride and to learn more about Zero,” said Edwin Belonje, Managing Director, Zero Motorcycles Europe.

Zero Motorcycles actively encourages riders to take demo rides at all their authorized dealer locations and also hosts events around the country. The emphisis on consumer demo rides is to encourage motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds to experience the unique exhilaration of riding Zero’s electric motorcycles. The rides also provide a forum for interested riders to learn more about the motorcycle industry’s fastest growing segment – electric motorcycles. This latest promotion not only draws attention to Zero, it also highlights how enjoyable it would be to ride all summer long knowing that each mile traveled is costing you nothing in fuel or electricity.

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*15,000 miles based on the 2012 ZF9 Zero Motorcycle S model at £0.125 per kWh for £1.13 per complete charge cycle and 132 charges with 114 miles range per complete charge cycle for a total of £150. A £150 Zero voucher, showing the date of sale between 22nd June and 31st July 2012, can be used by the customer towards the purchase of the motorcycle. Offer available only through participating UK dealerships. Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. Program expires 31st July 2012.