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2014 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle
Stealthily pass from the
wild to the civilized

Bypass the Ordinary

The Zero DS combines innovation with passion to deliver the world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. Designed to be agile in the dirt and quick on the street, the Zero DS represents a new kind of freedom.

Blast down a gravel road or a dusty trail. When you’re ready, stealthily pass from the wild to the civilized as you arrive at your destination. The Zero DS is tough when you demand it and distinguished when required. Its edgy yet sophisticated appearance is highlighted by an eye-catching twin spar frame that is both rigid and lightweight.

Propelled by the most advanced technology in the industry, the Zero DS is a fully electric motorcycle that can handle any surface you throw at it. Overcoming obstacles and maintaining control is effortless due to its direct-drive, fully adjustable suspension and rugged wheel set. Under technical riding conditions, Zero’s revolutionary Z-Force® motor delivers astonishing responsiveness with the twist of your wrist. As with Zero’s entire model line, the 2014 Zero DS offers a liberating ownership experience with its maintenance-free powertrain, penny per mile ‘fuel’ cost and powerful acceleration.

“It is also the most fascinating, exciting and original bike I have ridden in many
years and the one I’m most upset to hand back at the end of the test.”
– Bike Magazine
“Shed old ideas about what a motorcycle is, what it does, how it feels, looks and sounds…
That notion about taking your breath away can stay.”
– The Wall Street Journal.
“It’s a go-anywhere moto perfect for exploring.”
“Maintenance plan consists of keeping air in the tires.”
– Wired Magazine
2014 Zero DS Upper View

New for 2014

The evolution of extraordinary

The Zero DS is built off the revolutionary 2014 Zero S platform. Similarly, it can now travel farther and features many of the same improvements as the Zero S. Using the new Z-Force® Power Tank aftermarket accessory, owners of any 2014 Zero DS model have the option to increase the size of their overall power pack by an additional 2.8 kWh up to a total of 14.2 kWh. This yields a range of 253 km of city riding. Featuring Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force® motor and high-voltage power system, the Zero DS delivers instant acceleration that is both impressive and, without ever needing to shift, incredibly smooth. This sophisticated yet elegantly simple power delivery system allows riders to take on more challenging terrain by eliminating peripheral inconveniences such as clutching or shifting. The brushless motor is sealed to ensure longevity and operates with such high efficiency that it requires no external cooling systems whatsoever.

For improved on and off-road handling, the Zero DS now features larger 43 mm forks, a completely reworked rear shock and more robust triple clamps. The triple clamps integrate seamlessly into a sophisticated dash that elegantly presents real-time riding data and motorcycle statistics. To improve ride quality and control, the torsional rigidity of the chassis has been increased by making the frame, swingarm and front end more robust. Both the head bearings and swingarm bearings are new and larger. In addition, the brake system now offers more stopping power and control with a larger rear rotor and new rear caliper. With a redesigned chin fairing, seamlessly integrated dash and numerous detailed improvements to fit and finish, the 2014 Zero DS has a rugged yet refined appearance that speaks to the thrilling riding experience it has to offer.

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