Responsive. Planted in the corners. Tuned for flight. Twist the throttle and start carving the track. Silent and powerful, the Zero MX opens a visceral new world of gritty possibility.

The Zero MX takes revolutionary electric motorcycle technology to the track. Incredibly tough and lightweight, the Zero MX uses a newly developed suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain and give you an edge. Combined with state-of-the-art Z-Force™ technology and an ultra-light frame design, the Zero MX is agile and fast where it counts.

Track tuned suspension and an industry leading power-to-weight ratio results in a dirt bike with uninhibited responsiveness. During aggressive riding the advanced suspension system and alloy motocross wheels take the hits while smoothly maintaining control. Intensity combines with silence to open up a new world of riding possibilities.

What's New for 2011

For 2011 the Zero MX comes in two new configurations; dirt only and street legal. The new street legal version marks the first time ever that riders can legally take a Zero MX on the street. It includes lights, mirrors, higher gearing, a sidestand and street legal tires.

Designed to ride harder, faster and longer, the 2011 Zero MX uses a new motor mounted Z-Force Air induction system to cool its more powerful Agni motor. With improved throttle control, new track tuned suspension and a new motor, the Zero MX tears out of corners with better acceleration and control than ever before. When it comes to stopping or slowing down, riders will be pleased to leverage a completely revamped and powerful new braking system that offers impressive performance under the most demanding of circumstances.

An anodized aluminum power pack casing and a bold new graphics package give the Zero MX a fresh new look that polishes off the motorcycles’ host of improvements and systems upgrades. Among its powertrain improvements, the Zero MX offers the option of fast charging that cuts the recharge time down to around an hour. Additional improvements include a more robust frame, higher grip foot pegs with a standard-size clevis, handlebars with adjustable risers and an integrated ignition lock system.

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