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Charging & Range

Charging & Range

Charging options for every rider.

Charging stations are popping up everywhere, and public and private charging investments are making EV charging easier than ever. Plug in at night or use public charging stations on the road to get where you need to go. Zero offers real-world charge solutions that are most convenient for owners. The Plugshare app/site is one of the best resources to track charging stations.

The more you know

  • 01
    90% of motorcycle trips fit within Zero’s motorcycle capabilities.
  • 02
    8% increase in charge stations per year
  • 03
    Most owners charge at night in their garage.
  • 04
    L3 or DC fast charging is slightly faster but fewer stations make it less convenient.
  • 05
    Plugshare app shows you chargers in your area.
EV Charging Types

EV Charging Types

  • 5 - 8 HRS

    LEVEL 1

    5 - 8 HRS

    Slow Charge

    Zero motorcycles can be charged overnight. On average, a full charge is around 8 hours.

    5 hrs Approximate Charge Time to 95%

    Up to 10 hours for larger batteries. With accessory chargers you can achieve a faster charging.

  • 1 - 4 HRS

    LEVEL 2

    1 - 4 HRS

    Most Common

    The Level 2 or J1772 plug type is 80-90% of the EV charging network in North America. Zero’s will charge in about 4 hours or can be upgraded to charge in about one hour. It’s the best real-world electric motorcycle charging solution.

    1 hr Approximate Charge Time to 95%

    1-4 hours depending on charging speed upgrades on the bike. 90% of charging stations.

  • 1 HR

    LEVEL 2

    1 HR

    Less Common

    Level 3 or DC fast charging allows motorcycles to fully charge in around one hour. While it’s a fast solution, it is only 10% of the charging network and stations are hard to find.  Level 3 is not yet available for Zero.

    1 Hr Approx Charge Time to 95%

    10% of public charge stations. Not yet available for Zero Motorcycles.

  • Battery sized range from 3.6 kwh all the way up to 17.3 kwh
    See each product spec table for more information on charging for each model
    View Charging By Model

Range Factors

Zero’s line of motorcycles offers a wide variety of range and charging options. Range numbers are calculated based on strict testing conditions. These don’t always reflect average typical use. Several factors will impact your range on electric or gasoline motorcycles. Steep climbs, driving into wind, weight, and tire inflation will all impact range. 

Range Factors
Max Range:
223 Miles
Max numbers achieved in strict testing protocol. Actual range will vary based on key riding conditions : speed, weight, wind, incline etc.

    Lower speed.

    Fewer stops.

    Flat & smooth roads.


    Consistent speeds.

    Streamlined position.

    Reduced cargo.


    Warmer weather.

    Less wind.

    Dry roads.

  • BIKE

    Inflated tires.

    Adjusted belt.


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