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The TV Star and Outdoor Enthusiast Recently Purchased the All-Electric Zero X Motorcycle

SANTA CRUZ, CA (August 5, 2008) – While many celebrities retreat to exotic locales while on hiatus, James Denton from ABC’s Desperate Housewives prefers the tranquil scenery of Montana. As an outdoor and motorcycle enthusiast, Denton now has the ability to cruise through the countryside in complete silence on his new Zero X electric dirt bike. The Zero X is a high performance, no compromise electric motorcycle without the obnoxious noise and pollution of a regular gas motorcycle.

After taking a ride on his new Zero X through the scenic hills of Montana, Denton simply said, “It’s unbelievable! You just don’t expect an electric motorcycle to have this kind of power. I ride a lot so when I heard about the Zero X, I was pretty anxious to get one. It’s pretty cool.”

The Zero X is not a gas motorcycle conversion but was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the high torque, low weight 100% electric power train. The Zero X electric motorcycle chassis is made out of aircraft aluminum making it one of the lightest motorcycle frames on the planet at 18 pounds. More than 300 individual parts were custom designed for the Zero X, leaving the bike at total weight of 140 pounds, less than half the weight of a gas-powered motorcycle.

The Zero X delivers blistering acceleration with unmatched handling and maneuverability, while at the same time, delivering a quiet and smooth ride. The battery unit is eco-friendly and approved for landfill disposal, setting a new standard for electric motorcycles.

“Local motorcycle and backyard tracks are being closed because of the noise and pollution made by gasoline engines. I built the Zero X to enjoy off-road riding without the loud engine noise,” said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder of Zero Motorcycles. "We were thrilled when we heard about James Denton’s interest in the bike. At first, customers are interested in our motorcycle because it’s silent and clean. After a test ride, they are amazed with the extraordinary power and torque that is packed in the lightweight battery unit.”

What makes the Zero X motorcycle truly different from other electric motorcycles is the use of a special high power Lithium Ion battery. The Zero X is the only motorcycle in production today that incorporates this powerful, longer lasting, and more efficient battery solution. Zero Motorcycle's patent-pending high capacity power grid technology has the highest power density (power storage per weight) battery pack on the market, delivering the full current of the battery pack immediately, safely and without overheating. Riders get the enjoyment of up to 2 hours of quality riding without seeing any impact on performance.

View James Denton with his new Zero X, click here.

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