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Zero Motorcycles conquers the hardest Enduro Race in the world

– Zero MX first electric motorbike to finish feared Erzberg Rodeo –

Erzberg (Austria), 15 June 2010 – For the first time in the history of the Erzberg Rodeo an electric powered motorcycle was able to finish the race. The two Zero drivers – the Austrian Richard Kreidl (17) and the German Martin Köck (50) took part in the “Iron Road Prolog” and were both successful. Kreidl even left one third of the participants behind on his way to the summit of the Erzberg.

Both drivers of the Zero MX electric dirt bike, manufactured by Californian electric motorcycle producer Zero Motorcycles, were easily able to compete against the gasoline-powered motorbikes. Martin Köck (50) finished as no. 1180 and Richard Kreidl (17) as no. 1151. Many of the participants broke down on the first hill and didn’t make it to the finish line. Köck and Kreidl were very excited about the powerful torque of the Zero MX. “Especially in curves and technically difficult parts of the race track the 70 kg lightweight Zero shows its strength in comparison to the heavy 250 cc machines. The crowd on the side of the track cheered when the Zeros silently passed by,” Richard Kreidl said after the race.

Edwin Belonje, Director of Marketing and Sales for Zero Motorcycles, is happy about the success of the Zero team: “To finish at a tough race like the Erzberg Rodeo and to stand up against hundreds of gasoline-powered motorbikes is a good performance. Zero Motorcycles demonstrates again, that electric motorbikes are powerful and able to compete with conventional motorbikes.”

The Erzberg Rodeo has taken place every year since 1995. The 4 day-event in Erzberg, Austria starts with the Iron Road Prolog and peaks on Sunday with the Red Bull Hare Scramble. Every year the world’s best bikers join the race to conquer the Erzberg. Many participants fail on the way to the summit.

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