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All-New Video Makes Bold Claim about Electric Motorcycles

– “It's Just Better” Video Highlights Riding Electric Motorcycles…with Surprising Results –

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (March 25, 2014)Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, challenged seven individuals—none who had ever ridden an electric motorcycle—to try a Zero. The experience was captured in a video illustrating how reality surpassed expectations.

Each rider brought their own questions or biases about what riding an electric motorcycle would be like:

“My only preconceived idea is that it would be similar to a scooter.” – Amanda
“What’s the range of the batteries, and how long does it take to recharge?” – David
“Is it going to be fun?” – Sean

Zero brought a sample of its 2014 model line—the Zero S, Zero DS, Zero FX, and Zero SR—to show the full range of capabilities. The riders were treated to picture perfect Southern California conditions as they explored the performance characteristics of electric motorcycles for the first time. A film crew was on hand to capture highlights and gather feedback while the experience was fresh on the riders’ minds. Reactions varied from impressed to amazed, with comments, such as, “there’s so much power, so soon” and “pure fun,” echoed among the group. It’s the sort of feedback that Zero has been receiving as new motorcycles continue to roll into—and out of—dealerships.

"We are always excited to introduce the benefits and enjoyment of owning a Zero motorcycle to riders that have never experienced it firsthand. We understand there are opinions and ideas from non-electric riders, and we enjoy showing them that electric motorcycles are just as much fun and powerful as their gas-powered counterparts,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Marketing, Zero Motorcycles. “The 2014 model line is our best ever—more powerful, more refined, and more thrilling to ride. Electric motorcycles are great for commuting or heading out for a fun afternoon. With increased performance, quality and features for 2014, we invite everyone to visit their local dealer and take advantage of the demo opportunity to experience a Zero.”

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