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Zero Motorcycles Launches All-New 2012 Zero Ds Police Motorcycle
Customized To Meet The Needs Of Today’s Law Enforcement Officers
– Electric Zero DS Requires No Fuel and Offers a Silent Tactical Advantage –

SANTA CRUZ, CA, (May 22nd, 2012) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced it has launched a new version of the highly popular 2012 Zero DS developed specifically for police and security agencies. Named the Zero DS Police Motorcycle, it was developed to address the increasing interest from law enforcement and police departments on a global level. For the past two years police, security and military agencies have been testing Zero’s product line in the field. Zero continues to work directly with a variety of international law enforcement and military agencies. This new model is the result of these collaborative efforts.

2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle

“We are honored to have the support of so many different police and law enforcement agencies. During the process of building out the 2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle, we worked closely with police officers and suppliers to ensure that our final product met the demands of enforcement agencies. Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve, so our goal was to give them all the tools necessary to allow them to be successful. The resulting Zero DS Police Motorcycle opens up new patrolling possibilities,” said Mark Cummings, Manager of Fleet Sales, Zero Motorcycles.

Law enforcement agencies are one of Zero’s fastest growing segments. Zero has worked with the Santa Cruz Police Department, Scotts Valley Police Department, Sebastopol Police Department and the largest law enforcement agency in London, England – the London Metropolitan Police, to allow for thorough field testing and review. New requests continue to come in for Zero as Spain has also adopted a fleet of Zero’s Police Motorcycles for traffic enforcement purposes. Reflecting the growing trend in environmentally and socially responsible transportation, law enforcement agencies are looking at electric motorcycles and Zero Motorcycles for the next generation of enforcement vehicles to boost their environmental credentials.

2012 Zero Police Base Model
  • 2012 Zero DS
  • Whelen LINZ 6 forward facing LEDs (Red/Blue or Amber)
  • Whelen LINZ 6 front facing LEDs (Red/Blue or Amber)
  • Whelen LINZ 6 rear facing LEDs (Red/Blue or Amber)
  • Emergency lighting harness
  • Programmable Whelen siren system
  • Front battery/frame protection bars
  • 4-way emergency flasher system
  • Head light/tail light cut switch
Available Options
  • Rear top load 21 lt. hard cases with mounts
  • Detachable windshield
  • Quick charge kit
  • Upgrade siren with plug-in PS microphone
  • White or gloss black hard case covers/lids
  • Auxiliary rear LED brake/tail light with license plate
  • Aluminum hand guards with spoilers
  • Front axle sliders

The Zero DS is the perfect electric motorcycle for law enforcement applications. Available in 6 or 9 kWh configurations, the range of the motorcycle is measured by the EPA UDDS at 70 or 112 miles on a single charge, respectively. It offers a top speed of 80 mph with a broad torque band and stealthy acceleration from 0 rpm. With instant torque, no shifting, no noise, no exhaust, minimal heat production and a low weight, the Zero DS Police Motorcycle allows enforcement agencies to patrol in areas that would otherwise be highly impractical or impossible using an internal combustion motorcycle. In addition, the Zero DS features a maintenance-free powertrain that also offers regenerative braking to partially recoup energy during deceleration. With an air cooled brushless motor and belt driven system, Zero offers some of the world’s easiest-to-own forms of transportation.

Zero Motorcycles’ Z-Force™ power pack uses a battery cell chemistry and configuration that is incredibly energy dense and rated to 3,000 complete charge cycles before hitting 80 percent capacity. All of Zero’s on and off-road motorcycles leverage the new technology, meaning that the power pack is designed to exceed the longevity expected of any conventional motorcycle. The result is a complete electric motorcycle line that offers owners and agencies an exceptional ride while also saving on gas and virtually all routine powertrain maintenance.

2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle, on location 2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle, Sebastopol 2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle, on location

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The 2012 Zero DS Police Motorcycle is only available to authorized or accredited police and security agencies and Zero Motorcycles, and its dealers, reserve the right refuse sale.