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“It feels like something amazing is happening in the motorcycle scene. It’s like when I first saw, for example, the first Ducati 916. . . . Epic motorcycles that had an influence on an entire generation. The Zero has the potential to be one of them.”

– Michael Pfeiffer, Zero SR/F review, Motorrad Magazine

The history of the future

Zero Motorcycles started the electric motorcycle revolution in 2006. Headquartered and crafted in California, we design and build the world’s most advanced electric motorcycles. After 13 years and millions of miles, we outsell all competitors combined.

Sophisticated Simplicity
The Z-Force® powertrain

No transmission, routine maintenance or complex cooling systems needed. The Z-Force® powertrain is “fueled” by a rugged lithium ion battery, driven by a sealed motor with a single moving part, and synchronized with proprietary hardware.

Zero SR/F
Available Now

The Zero SR/F is the most innovative, intelligent and powerful motorcycle Zero Motorcycles has ever created, setting a new standard for premium electric performance.

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No words, pictures or videos can convey the unique and exhilarating experience of riding a Zero.

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Please note that demo rides require a valid motorcycle operator license and proper riding gear.