ZF3.6 Power Pack Module

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Z-Force® power pack technology has been revolutionizing the electric motorcycle industry since 2007 when the first Zeros started rolling out of the Santa Cruz factory. The goal: pack more energy into less space. Using state-of-the-art lithium-ion cell chemistry and advanced battery management systems, the ZF3.6 Power Pack Module offers incredible power density and versatility.

Zero Motorcycles is the first electric motorcycle manufacturer to feature available hot-swappable modules. This optional system allows the Zero FX and Zero FXS to be ridden using either one or two ZF3.6 modules. Modules can be moved between compatible motorcycles quickly, without concern regarding the state-of-charge or relative age of the accompanying module.

Part Numbers
46-081172019 [Zero FX Modular, FXS Modular]
2018 [Zero FX Modular, FXS Modular]
2017 [Zero FX Modular, FXS Modular]
2016 [Zero FX, FXS]
2015 [Zero FX, FXS]