Z-Force® ZF3.6 Power Tank

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This dealer installed accessory can be added at any time and extends the range of the 2015-2019 Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS or Zero DSR by adding a ZF3.6 kWh module. It includes a new tank section of the motorcycle that eliminates the tank bag from the motorcycle. The Power Tank is not compatible with motorcycles equipped with the Charge Tank option.

Part Numbers
10-08208-252019 [Zero DS], Sandstone
10-08207-262019 [Zero DSR], Caldera Metallic
10-08205-242019 [Zero S], Jet Black
10-08203-172019 [Zero SR], Black Metallic
10-08208-192018 [Zero DS], Sequoia Green Matte
10-08207-172018 [Zero DSR], Graphene Black Metallic
10-08205-162018 [Zero S], Silicon Silver Metallic
10-08203-182018 [Zero SR], Pearlescent Sierra White
10-08208-122017 [Zero DS], Orange
10-08207-142017 [Zero DSR], Graphite
10-08205-102017 [Zero S], Yellow
10-08203-92017 [Zero SR], Red
Power Tank bodywork does not match 2015-2016 model colors.
10-08208-122016 [Zero DS], Orange
10-08207-132016 [Zero DSR], Black
10-08205-102016 [Zero S], Yellow
10-08203-92016 [Zero SR], Red
Power Tank bodywork does not match 2015-2016 model colors.
10-08208-122015 [Zero DS], Orange
10-08208-112015 [Zero DS], White
10-08205-132015 [Zero S], Black
10-08205-102015 [Zero S], Yellow
10-08203-92015 [Zero SR], Red