Zero Smartphone Mount by RAM® Mounts

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The Zero Smartphone Mount was developed by RAM® Mounts and uses their X-Grip® technology to securely hold most mobile phones and iPod touch-sized devices in place. Designed for convenience, X-Grip® allows you to very quickly mount or remove your phone with your gloves on. The minimalist design holds the phone in place using rubber-padded metal arms. The mount includes a 2.4" ball-end extension arm for mounting your mobile device in any orientation and an easy-to-install handlebar mount.

The mount works with the Apple iPhone 3G, 4, 4S, 5, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Nexus 4. In addition, the mount is compatible with most other smart phones that meet the following dimension requirements: minimum width = 1.875"; maximum width = 3.25" and maximum depth = 0.875". Please verify the dimensions with any case that is used. We strongly recommend mounting in a horizontal orientation behind a windscreen. Note that this mount does not shield your phone from water or other elements.

Part Numbers
10-05736All Models