Quick Charger (2012)

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The 72 volt Quick Charger (2012) can be used either for motorcycle quick charging or off-board power pack charging of 2012 Zero Motorcycles.

Motorcycle quick charging
One Quick Charger provides an additional 1 kW of charging capability. When used with your motorcycle’s integrated charging system, this approximately doubles the amount of energy flowing to the power pack during charging. As a result, the charge time of a Zero motorcycle is reduced by around 50%. To charge even faster, multiple Quick Chargers can be purchased and used with a Quick Charger Y Adapter to reduce the charge time further.

Off-board power pack charging
The Quick Charger can be used to charge power pack modules when removed from the motorcycle. The ZF3 power pack, used with the 2012 Zero XU and Zero X motorcycles, can be charged without the use of an adapter.

The Quick Charger (2012) North American kit includes a cord approved for use in North America.

Part Numbers
10-043622012 [All Models] Europe (for use in Europe, you will need a simple plug adapter)
2012 [All Models] North America