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2017 Zero DS Electric Motorcycle
A Zero DS on steroids that
churns up to 116 ft-lb of torque

Powerful versatility
116 ft-lb of torque

The Zero DSR is an amped-up version of the Zero DS, bringing unprecedented levels of power and torque to the world’s most versatile electric motorcycle. For the dual sport rider demanding more, the Zero DSR delivers 43% more torque and 17% more power. A 775 amp controller is paired with a Z-Force® motor that contains higher temperature magnets to ensure better performance during extended durations at higher speeds. The result is exhilarating acceleration and even greater prowess off-road.

With 116 ft-lb of torque on demand, the Zero DSR may be civilized but is by no means subdued. With custom-tuned Showa suspension and Bosch ABS, it is equally at home on pavement and dirt. The Zero DSR is more than ready for maximum adventure…whether it’s in the city or places beyond.

“Crazy-quick dual sport.”
– Gizmag (
“Why are we wasting our time with noisy, smelly, clunky machines?”
– Ride Apart
“There’s something addictive about the gobs of torque served up silently at the twist of your wrist.”
– Rider Magazine
“One-hundred and six pound-feet of torque is an addictive drug if you can get your
hands on it, and it’s even better when it’s available to you almost instantly.”
“You can leave traffic and range anxiety behind.”
– Engadget
2017 Zero DSR
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