The Zero MX is no longer in production. Please consider the Zero FX as an alternative.
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2013 Zero MX Electric Motorcycle
A new world of moto possibility

Ready for take off

Responsive. Planted in the corners. Tuned for flight. Twist the throttle and start carving the track. Silent and powerful, the Zero MX opens a visceral new world of moto possibility.

The Zero MX takes revolutionary electric motorcycle technology to the track, trail or even your back yard. Incredibly tough and lightweight, the Zero MX uses a finely tuned and fully adjustable suspension system to absorb aggressive terrain and give you an edge. Combined with state of the art Z-Force™ technology and an ultra-light frame design, the Zero MX is agile and fast where it counts.

Speaking of fast, the Zero MX will spin heads as well as laps around the competition. The new Zero MX has taken huge leaps forward in terms of power and response. Finely massaged by the Zero engineering team, it demands attention. Track tuned suspension and an industry leading power-to-weight ratio results in a dirt bike with uninhibited responsiveness. Alloy motocross wheels take the hits while smoothly maintaining control. Intensity combines with silence to open up a new world of riding possibilities. Think about it: if no one heard you riding, where would you ride?

“It is also the most fascinating, exciting and original bike I have ridden in many
years and the one I’m most upset to hand back at the end of the test.”
– Bike Magazine
“Shed old ideas about what a motorcycle is, what it does, how it feels, looks and sounds…
That notion about taking your breath away can stay.”
– The Wall Street Journal.
“It’s a go-anywhere moto perfect for exploring.”
“Maintenance plan consists of keeping air in the tires.”
– Wired Magazine
2013 Zero MX Upper View

New for 2013

The fastest way to shave time off your best lap

Now full sized and featuring a new Z-Force™ motor, the 2013 Zero MX is up to 125% more powerful and offers 51% more torque. With 68 ft-lbs and up to 54 hp, the Zero MX accelerates hard, with incredibly smooth throttle control, to allow you to take bigger jumps and corner faster. When rolling off the throttle you can now take advantage of regenerative braking to both modulate speed and extend ride times. Adding an interesting twist to competitive riding, performance characteristics of the Zero MX are adjustable via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device. To improve handling, the Zero MX has a larger rear shock with a lower compression ratio as well as a wider front fork to improve torsional rigidity.

The Zero MX features the world’s first truly modular power pack system and is available in two configurations: ZF2.8 (one module), ZF5.7 (two modules). The lockable modules can be individually added or removed, regardless of state of charge, in less than a minute. Charge times can be cut in half using an optional quick charge system, or down to as little as an hour to reach 95% with the CHAdeMO accessory (CHAdeMO charging requires a supporting charge station). The sealed Z-Force™ motor virtually eliminates all routine powertrain maintenance and drives the rear wheel by way of a beefier 520 chain. Owning a Zero has never been easier.

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