The Zero XU is no longer in production. Please consider the Zero FX as an alternative.
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2013 Zero XU Electric Motorcycle
Minimalistic, strong, eye-catching
and comfortable

The Urban Crosser

The Zero XU is an innovative, lightweight, electric motorcycle that blends industry leading technology, performance and practicality to deliver the ultimate urban-crosser. A low seat height, no-shift operation, removable power pack modules and optional onboard storage allow riders of all kinds to negotiate the city with a new kind of freedom.

Ride the way you want. Relax and leisurely wind your way from one destination to the next. Or…twist the throttle, fly around corners and cut through traffic. Designed for utility and pure enjoyment, the Zero XU transforms the city into a motorcycle amusement park.

It is ideal for the day-to-day…but built for dynamic individuals who may want to occasionally push the limits.

Built around Zero’s lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame, the Zero XU is styled to be minimalistic, strong, eye-catching and comfortable. With a removable power pack, and the option of a stand-alone charger, riders who live anywhere can charge anywhere. As with Zero’s entire model line, the Zero XU costs only cents to recharge and, with its maintenance-free powertrain, it is one of the most economical motorcycles to own and operate.

“It is also the most fascinating, exciting and original bike I have ridden in many
years and the one I’m most upset to hand back at the end of the test.”
– Bike Magazine
“Shed old ideas about what a motorcycle is, what it does, how it feels, looks and sounds…
That notion about taking your breath away can stay.”
– The Wall Street Journal.
“It’s a go-anywhere moto perfect for exploring.”
“Maintenance plan consists of keeping air in the tires.”
– Wired Magazine
2013 Zero XU Profile

New for 2013

Twice the power

The Zero XU powertrain has been entirely revamped for 2013 and, as with all 2013 Zero Motorcycles models, uses a new Z-Force™ motor. Offering 91% more torque and twice the power, the Zero XU gets around the city quickly with 81% more range that yields 76 miles of city riding. Now featuring the world’s first truly modular power pack system, the Zero XU is available in two configurations: ZF2.8 (one module), ZF5.7 (two modules). The lockable modules can be individually added or removed, regardless of state of charge, in less than a minute. As with the rest of the 2013 lineup, the Zero XU can be charged to 95% at CHAdeMO charging stations in an hour or less using an optional accessory.

From the new red bodywork to the revised black frame, the Zero XU now looks more contemporary. In addition, Nissin brakes, a new swingarm and wider triple clamps increase overall control and stiffness to improve ride quality. Offering a new level of personalization, the Zero XU works with mobile devices, via Bluetooth, to allow you to view a customizable dashboard of detailed riding information and adjust the performance characteristics of the motorcycle.

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