The Zero XU is no longer in production. Please consider the Zero FX as an alternative.
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2013 Zero XU Electric Motorcycle
Impressive performance.
Advanced technology.
Yet… uniquely approachable.
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Power Pack

Game Changing Z-Force™ Power Pack

The world’s first truly modular system

The Zero XU features the world’s first truly modular power pack system. With slots for two power packs, you can operate the Zero XU with either one or both slots filled. Giving you the ability to charge without a street-level outlet, the modules can be charged either on the motorcycle or elsewhere using an optional accessory. The modules also work with optional CHAdeMO and quick-charge accessories to reduce charge times from 0-95% down to one hour.

The Zero XU can be purchased with either one module (ZF2.8) or two modules (ZF5.7). Compatible with the Zero FX and Zero MX, the modules can be swapped between any one of the three motorcycles.

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  • World’s first fully modular Z-Force™ quick-swap technology allows you to easily upgrade from 2.8 kWh (max) to 5.7kWh (max) in seconds
  • State of the art new power pack configuration and cell chemistry
    • Cells last 2,500 full charge-discharge cycles before hitting 80% capacity, yielding as much as 170,000 miles on the original power pack
  • Isolated power systems and 12 volt system for running accessories
  • Modules can be fully removed from the motorcycle and transported to charge anywhere (this requires the purchase of the stand-alone charger in the quick-charge option)
  • Modules can be used interchangeably with the Zero FX and Zero MX
  • Module locking system for increased security and peace of mind
  • Charge from 0-95% at CHAdeMO charging stations in 1 hour or less using an optional accessory
  • Onboard charger that uses a specially developed and optimized charge profile

Revolutionary Z-Force™ Motor

Quick, remarkably efficient and carefree

The Zero XU leverages the same advanced Z-Force™ technology as the fastest motorcycles in the 2013 lineup. Compact, efficient and powerful the motor provides exhilarating acceleration and is remarkably efficient. Completely air cooled, the motor is designed to provide a fantastic riding experience minus the need for any regular maintenance. When slowing down, the motor generates electricity that is channeled back into the power pack to help extend ride times.

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  • Designed from the ground up by Zero Motorcycles to be the world’s most efficient, powerful, compact, brushless and sealed air-cooled motor
  • Produces up to 28 hp and 42 ft-lbs of torque
  • Requires no routine maintenance
  • Operates with such high efficiency that it does not require any complex cooling system
  • Increased torque and broad power band for much stronger acceleration
  • Quad-level regenerative system recharges the power pack when decelerating
    • Re-gen level is increased during brake application vs. “neutral” deceleration
    • Both braking and “neutral” re-gen levels are set higher in Eco vs. Sport mode
    • Eco mode re-gen levels can be customized using the Zero Motorcycles App
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Motor
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Charging System

Charge Anywhere

Plug in at any standard outlet

The Zero XU charging system is integrated into the motorcycle and can be plugged in at any standard outlet. No additional equipment is required for standard charging. This allows you to conveniently charge in your garage, at the office or when you stop at one of your favorite places while enjoying a day out. Plug the Zero XU in during the evening, or while at the office, and it is ready to go when you are. Those interested in fast charging can reduce charge times from 0-95% to as little as one hour using the CHAdeMO accessory.

The Zero XU power pack modules can be removed from the motorcycle and charged separately using an optional accessory. This makes it possible to charge the modules anywhere you take them and thereby eliminates the necessity of a street-level outlet.

Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Frame

Frame and Bodywork

Lightweight and Stealthy

The Zero XU is built around an incredibly robust dirt bike frame that has been refined for the city. Aircraft grade aluminum is exclusively used in the construction of the lightweight and rigid frame. The result is a fun motorcycle that is ideal for withstanding the rigors of urban streets.

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  • Extremely rigid and lightweight black aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • Entire frame is shot-peened and anodized for resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Large cylindrical swingarm cross tube for increased stiffness and suspension response
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Wheels and brakes

Wheels and Brakes

Powerful braking with Nissin

The wheels and tires on the Zero XU are built to last. With rugged construction and tires that steadfastly hold the pavement, you can feel confident while maneuvering through urban obstacles. For maximum stopping power, the Zero S features robust and easy to modulate brakes with a new Nissin system.

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  • Standard sizes for aftermarket tire options
  • Straight-pull spokes for long term durability
  • Nissin brakes are precise, easy to modulate and require little effort
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Front Fork

Suspension and handling

Enjoy the ride

The Zero XU uses a highly tuned suspension system to absorb rough surfaces in the city. Taking advantage of the motorcycle’s low weight, the inverted front fork is robust, light and responsive. On the rear, a rigid double diamond swing arm keeps the wheel planted using an adjustable shock.

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  • Optimized fork and shock internals
  • Aluminum stanchions for reduced weight and superior control
  • Front adjustments: Compression and rebound damping
  • Rear adjustments: Spring preload and rebound damping
  • Comfortable riding position and optional on-board storage:
    • Low seat height for improved rider confidence and better handling via a lower center of gravity
    • Tall handlebars for increased control and better responsiveness (with adjustable risers to allow for rider customization)
    • Optional storage for greater around town utility
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Dashboard

Dash and Controls

What you need. Where you need it.

The dash is designed by Zero to quickly and accurately provide essential information on speed, charge and motor temperature. The Zero XU allows you to set the motorcycle’s performance to either Sport or Eco. Want more information about the motorcycle while riding or at home? Try the new Zero Motorcycles app.

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  • Sport / Eco switch to allow you to select motorcycle performance
  • Exceptionally accurate charge indicator
  • Ergonomic and durable switch gear (for operation of lights, turn signals, etc.)
  • Keyed ignition switch and steering lock for improved security and peace of mind
  • Soft and more comfortable seat to accommodate longer rides
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle App

Zero Motorcycles App

Get your Motorcycle Dialed

Using the new Zero Motorcycles app you can see detailed information about your motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. When parked the app allows you to set custom parameters for top speed, maximum torque and maximum regenerative braking. While riding, your phone transforms into a customized dash that provides detailed real-time motorcycle information. Synced using Bluetooth, the app works on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

For more information, see the App User Guide.

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  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity for both iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Adjustable motorcycle performance to enable sportier or more economical riding (customized setting is available through the ‘eco’ mode setting on the Zero XU)
  • Customizable display reports precise state of charge and real-time power usage while riding
Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Drivetrain

Direct Drive Gearing

Great to own. Even better to ride.

With silent operation and no shifting, you can simply focus on enjoying the ride. Featuring a clutchless direct drive, the Zero XU is geared for city riding and increased efficiency. Using a maintenance-free belt system, the Zero XU is able to achieve minimal frictional losses. This increases its overall range and channels power more efficiently into speed. The result is a motorcycle that is great to ride and requires no routine powertrain maintenance.

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  • Sophisticatedly simple “just ride” direct-drive system means no clutch, no shifting and no need to carry a heavy and complex transmission
  • Maintenance-free and virtually silent belt drive system
  • Clutchless single speed that simplifies operation
  • Geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency
  • Adjustable rear axle to modify belt tension
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